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Examples in Public Humanities

The goal of the public humanities component of American Examples is to equip our participants with skills to build their own public humanities projects, engage as public intellectuals, and develop skills to communicate with broader audiences. In the process of putting together the public humanities workshop, we have developed some examples of public scholarship and curated some resources for those interested in doing publicly engaged scholarship in religious studes.

Study Religion: The Podcast

Study Religion began as a production by the Department of Religious Studies at the University of Alabama but has grown into an American Examples production. It’s one example of the kind of digital public humanities projects discussed during the public humanities workshop.


The 2020 American Examples cohort worked with graduate students in the Dept. of Religious Studies to produce a series of animated videos answering some questions about key terms and concepts in the study of religion.

1-800-REL-HELP: The Podcast

These podcasts contain the same educational content as the animated videos, but in an easy to listen to format. Transcripts of the podcast episodes are available.

A list of readings used in preparation for the 2021 Public Humanities workshop. It also includes a few examples of public humanities work in religious studies discussed at the workshop.