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2021 Public Humanities Readings and Project List


Participants should read the following articles before the first weekend of the 2021 Public Humanities workshop.


Participants should take some time to look through these public humanities projects in religious studies before the first weekend of workshops and think about them in light of the above readings. We will discuss them at length during the workshop.

Sacred Writes

Boston’s Hidden Sacred Spaces

American Religious Sounds Project


These are examples of scholars doing “public scholarship” that we will discuss during the workshop. Take some time to look at their work and think about how it compares to what you think “public scholarship” might look like for you.

Candida Moss has been a regular columnist at The Atlantic Monthly, The Daily Beast and a frequent guest on CBS News.

Anthea Butler has a deal with MSNBC, but also was a frequent guest on the Melissa Harris Perrshow to discuss a wide range of topics. Of course there’s her Twitter feed too.

Simran Jeet Singh has written and appeared in various traditional media outlets and wrote a children’s book.